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IVF Guide

Leeaf brings options and clarity to every decision point in the IVF process for you and your partner. Get a clear view of what is ahead in your journey, as well as an informed view of the options available. And understand how you and your doctor can make the best decisions for you every step of the way.


Your IVF Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Your health data stays with you throughout the process, allowing you to take advantage of the full spectrum of aggregated clinical and lifestyle data you own. 

Easy 1st Visit

Leeaf’s easy personal data interface helps you to collect your health and lifestyle data in one place and summarize it clearly for your doctor. Having this information in place allows for a deeper diagnostic conversation and building relationships with deep empathy and emotional support. 

With your information in place, you and your doctor can quickly get to the heart of your situation with more time to build mutual trust.

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Independent Opinion

Coming soon

Prevailing wisdom suggests that it takes an average of 2.7 cycles to conceive. Leeaf aims to reduce this by a full cycle.


Nevertheless, we understand that many women will, and do, seek a second opinion at some point in the IVF process. 


Leeaf makes it easy, fast and transparent to get peace of mind and continue your IVF journey assured that you are doing everything in your power, so you will never regret that you didn’t exhaust all the options.

Individualised Stimulation Protocol

Coming soon

You and your doctor can get insights and recommendations about stimulation protocols that would suit best your unique individual situation and conditions and the probability of their success for you.


You and your doctor get more options based on your data combined with those of thousands of other women processed by artificial intelligence.

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If you are interested in becoming part of a rapidly evolving,  therapeutic, transformative, and life-changing ecosystem, we invite you to become part of the Leeaf community.

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