360-degree patient view for doctors

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Full-spectrum of patient data 

Leeaf provides doctors with the full spectrum of patient data and that of her partner prior to their visit to the clinic, covering medical and rich lifestyle data, such as overall health, physical activity level, and psychological & emotional wellbeing.

This accompanied by AI-based insights and recommendations results in a deeper and more meaningful doctor-patient discussion than has been possible in the past.


Patient Drop-out Prevention

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Making sure that the patient gets timely, objective and transparent information when things don’t go as expected, communicated with compassion matching a woman personality and offers not only additional options for her but also recommendations on how she can contribute to your joined success – this is what Leeaf Patient Drop-out Prevention Tool addresses, supported by big & rich data and AI.

Optimization of Stimulation Protocols

Coming soon

Get advantage of the latest technology and explore how AI can optimize stimulation protocols in your clinic. Several clinics already proved benefits such as consistently better predictions of treatment results by doctors collaboratively working with algorithms, or increased efficiency of stimulation process of donor cycles. You don’t need to employ data scientists in your clinic; Leeaf takes care of it for you.



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